Amateur Radio – Success Stories


Newspaper Article, Jan 5, 2006: “Hartford Neighbors Oppose Extension 

A proposed amateur-radio tower on Hurricane Hill is getting a bad signal from neighbors. A couple say they want to build a 103-foot radio tower on their land to feed their amateur-radio hobby, and neighbors told the Hartford Zoning Board last night that they don’t want to look at it or have it interfere with their TV reception… Read more (PDF) 

Newspaper Article, Mar 16, 2006: “Board Approves a Taller Radio Tower 

A radio tower and antenna could soon be seen above the trees on a hill near the town’s Hurricane Forest Park. The Hartford Zoning Board last night approved a proposal by a pair of amateur radio enthusiasts to increase the height of the existing radio tower and antenna… Read more (PDF) 

Hartford Zoning Board of Adjustment: “Findings of Fact and Decision” 

The Hartford Zoning Board of Adjustment, based upon the forgoing Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, hereby approves application #17-05 by Robert Jacobson (owner) and Gina Watkins (applicant) for Conditional Use Approval under section 2-5 of the Hartford Zoning Regulations for the increase in height of an existing wireless communication facility/amateur radio tower to 103 feet… Read more (PDF)

Friend of N1CIV, commenting at:

I think Zubarau [WB6X] will ultimately prevail in the end as he’s got the best lawyer on his side when it comes to these matters. Fred literally wrote the book on the subject of “Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur” and is the title of his book (ARRL publication). He also handles tower cases for the cell phone companies and other commercial stuff.

I know Fred, he recently handled a similar case for a ham friend of mine in Vermont and I attended the hearings for that case. Permit granted, 100ft tower built! Fred really knows his stuff of which I have personally witnessed firsthand. I highly recommend him as an attorney if you’re planning on putting up a ham tower on your property.


David Sterrett, Nashua, NH, Ham [HA] = N1DAS (2/1984)